Bitcoin – The New Currency for Online Gambling?


This is one of the most popular and safe ways used to play online. It basically opens the doors for instant deposits and withdrawals. The Bitcoin payments can be verified and easily be tracked.

Types of Bitcoin gambling

Non casino Bitcoin gambling

It usually includes all those popular games that are played beyond casino establishments. They include Bitcoin poker, Bitcoin dice, coin tossing, and card games. Basically, Bitcoin dicing is the most popular type of game although it is more sophisticated compared to coin tossing. It also can be incorporated with blockchain. A successful example of dice game which was once responsible for creating more blockchain transaction than everything else combined was SatoshiDice. In lottery type of gambling, everything is based on pure probability theory and winnings will depend on the pool size and the overall total sum.

Casino Bitcoin gambling

It includes a vast variety of games such as slots, cards, and roulettes. The assortment and look of these games is generally different from establishment to establishment. In most cases, Casino enthusiasts are guaranteed of an exemplary time wagering Bitcoins on the most exiting caisson games.


Bitcoin bettingĀ 

It is based on guesses. It is mainly focuses on sport betting where enthusiastic sport fans and bettors are usually treated to an easy and reliable sport betting activity which serves as the gateway to witness and get involved in various sporting events which take place in local and international scenes.

Benefits of Bitcoins in gambling

In enhances quick withdrawals and easy transactions. Using Bitcoin eliminates the need to wait for several business days in order to receive the profits and winnings a person might have collected over time. In addition, depositing Bitcoin usually takes few minutes.

It protects and empowers players and traders. The anonymity across the Bitcoin network gives the semblance of freedom with a more important aspect of banks on the protection of the privacy of the players. Every person can take part in the gambling as long as the activity is accepted by the law of their state.

It enhances fairness and keeps the online betting safer and more reliable. Bitcoin gambling sites are generally fair thus guaranteeing all bettors of an environment free from cheating.

It is not tied up to any specific currency; therefore can be used on various sites that are not accessible to gamblers who are from other countries without having to convert from one form of money to another. Maybe one day you can even become a pilot using Bitcoins!


How to become a great pilot


When I was a child, my grandma used to babysit me all the time. I grew up with her and the grandpa, and one of the words I remember the best are: “When you grow up, you will become a pilot and you will fly grandpa and me all around the world”. I remember those words so well because I used to hear them all the time. And I guess it stuck, since couple of decades later, I had my pilot licence and on my first flight I took my grandparents. So, what do you think, do you have what it takes to be a pilot? Would you like to take a swing at it, but don’t know how? Well, first things first – you will need a training. A school actually. And a lot of it, so better choose wisely.

The Fleet
So, that school that you are investigating, what are they flying? Do they have enough of different models I can practice on? Those are the questions you want to ask. You’ll need a school with a sufficient number of different planes so you could get the best training possible. Also, the condition of the state of those aircrafts is a big issue. You don’t want to sit in some old clunker and pray that you survive the class. You should choose a flight school with a good selection of jets in good condition, so you can fly freely and have only landing to worry about.

Knowledge is not in gadgets or books, but the people delivering the classes, and you ought to choose the best. Experienced flyers that know how to teach their students is what you should aim for. Take a little time to get some info about the teachers, listen to what other students have to say about their teachers or simply go out there and talk to them directly.

Before starting a course, you should also explore the books and files the school uses. There, you can check if the lessons are up to date or are they outdated. This can usually weed out the obvious no-no’s as their lesson material is unprofessional or unclear. This will also help you get the insight in what you will get to deal with during the course and put the material in perspective, so you will understand and learn it better.

Is this some newly made school or is this an old, renowned name in flying business? When researching your potential school you should take into consideration what other people say about it and what have they done in the past. Knowing where you are going is always good for the trip!

At the end, there is also the financial side. This shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but you should take it into consideration. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little extra for the best service, but watch out – that could be a trap, as the most expensive is not always the best.